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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration
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Archived Before & After Photos

Insurance Agency Carpet Cleaning in Riverside CA.

Insurance agencies can get lots of foot traffic that will eventually show in the carpet. But no need to worry, SERVPRO of West Riverside City has your back. Sta... READ MORE

Flooded Home In Riverside CA

A family comes back from a weekend vacation to find their home flooded due to a toilet feed line. The shock of seeing their home under these conditions quickly ... READ MORE

Can Your Floors Be Restored?

Many times water damage will strike wood flooring and terrify our clients understandably so. The fear of having to remove the floor can take over and most of th... READ MORE

Flood in Riverside University

Universities are continually working at providing better value to their students. One such value is the ability to dorm on site. But things have a way of interf... READ MORE

Vacation Disaster in Lake Arrowhead

Unfortunately, we come across this scenario more than we like to. But the water damage bug bites another family away in vacation. Thankfully, their neighbors wh... READ MORE

Rain Leak Strikes a Riverside Home

With great weather most of the year. California is a great place to live. But the occasional surprise storms can also leave some unwanted surprises behind. This... READ MORE

Roof With Storm Damage

Once again the time of the rains have come. Although they may be short or very light, a surprise storm could always be just around the corner. Here we have a si... READ MORE

Flood in Dental Office

Your business can always be affected by a water damage, as did this dental office. But we quickly removed tow kicks and we able to set drying equipment to start... READ MORE

Mold growing in Closet

This was mold growth in a closet of a customers house. The proper containment was put up to stop any contamination. The drywall was removed and studs were prope... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Norco, CA Home

Smoke damage to walls can come in many forms, from the black sooty deposits that linger after a fire to cigarette smoke. The method used to clean this type of f... READ MORE

Ceiling collapsed from leak

This home in Riverside, CA was affected by a water damage from an AC unit in the attic. One night it started dripping form the ceiling and a bubble appeared wit... READ MORE

Car crashes into business storefront in Riverside, CA

A car crashed into the storefront of this business causing damage to his window and entrance. The owner did not know what to do and luckily his insurance referr... READ MORE

Elementary School in Riverside, CA gets flooded

This school experienced a ceiling collapse due to a leaking roof and several classrooms were affected. The weight of the water caused the insulation to fall th... READ MORE

Rain Storm creates water damage in Huntington, CA home

This customer experienced a water damage from the roof in a heavy rain storm in California. The first photo shows were most of the water came in, above the wind... READ MORE

Outside Water Flooded this Orange County home

This home in Orange, CA was flooded with outdoor water. Flood water can carry bacteria and its important treat flood water damage a specific way. Affected mater... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Riverside, CA home

This Riverside home had extensive microbial growth in several rooms. A outdoor sprinkler leaked water undetected through the wall for a longer period of time. M... READ MORE

Extensive Mold Growth in Riverside, CA home

This home in Riverside, CA was affected by mold in the hallway and closet. The customer had noticed an odd smell and discoloring on their wall. They called SE... READ MORE

Water Damage turns in to Mold Damage

This customer experienced a water damage on their floor from a broken pipe. Once they removed the carpet and pad, they discovered mold growth throughout the ent... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Riverside, CA Home

This family’s home in Riverside, CA suffered fire damage caused by a kitchen fire. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, b... READ MORE

Dryer Lint Causes Norco, CA Home Fire

This Norco, CA home was affected by a fire caused by the lint build-up from the dryer. You may not think of your clothes dryer as a fire hazard, but these appli... READ MORE

Smoke Damage Clean-up in Norco, CA

From a fire on the first floor of this home the second floor did still received some smoke and soot damage to the walls and floors. The home owner decided to ca... READ MORE

Flooded Office in Riverside, CA

This office had a roof leak from a recent storm flood the entire office space. The office manager tried to dry it out themselves but realized the damage was to... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Riverside, CA

This home was damaged by a laundry fire in March of 2016. The customer's insurance referred them to SERVPRO of West Riverside, knowing that we offer full servi... READ MORE

Commercial Roof Leak

This Riverside office building experienced serious water damage after leaks were discovered coming from the roof. SERVPRO of West Riverside City has the experti... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Norco, CA home

This home had mold damage from recent flooding from laundry room. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours in optimal cases. At times it is hard to tell if buildi... READ MORE

Water Damage in Riverside, CA home

In this home in Riverside, CA the washer in the laundry room was leaking over a period of time. The homeowner was unaware of the leak because the water was goi... READ MORE

Water Damage from upstairs Laundry in Riverside, CA home

This Riverside Family’s residence experienced serious water damage after leaks were discovered coming from pipes in the ceiling in the garage. It was the ... READ MORE