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Residents Experience Fire Damage, What To Do While Waiting For Your Contractor

3/3/2022 (Permalink)

inside house with black soot After fire damage, SERVPRO helps Riverside county residents take control and restore their homes

Navigate the restoration process with ease by following SERVPRO’s four tips for preparing for fire restoration services while waiting for your contractor, from addressing safety concerns to minimizing the chance of further damage. 

The first step in the fire restoration process should always be calling a trained professional. However, many homeowners find themselves at a loss for what to do after that.

The experts at SERVPRO put together this list of things to do while waiting for a fire restoration contractor to help with that. They also stress that no one should enter the building until it has been cleared for entry by the fire department. 

SERVPRO of West Riverside City is a local leader in the fire damage restoration industry. In addition to fire restoration, they offer a wide range of other emergency restoration services, such as water removal and mold remediation. 

Fire Damage Restoration Tips: What to Do While Waiting for Your Contractor

#1: Start an Insurance Claim

While the fire restoration contractor will likely help manage the insurance claims process, it helps to notify the applicable insurance company of the fire as soon as possible and open a claim. Likewise, it's vital to take pictures of all the damage before moving anything or beginning any clean-up efforts. Detailed documentation is key to a successful claim. 

#2: Air Out the House for Mold and Mildew

Firefighters often use large amounts of water and sometimes even chemicals to put out house fires. A problematic side effect can come in the form of mold and mildew that develops in dark and damp areas. These fungi can compromise the internal strength of the house while also posing potential health effects.

Mold should only be removed by a trained professional due to the risk of exposure to harmful spores. Instead, leave it alone and open the windows to help air out the space. This step may also help with humidity levels. 

#3: Only Move Around the House if Necessary

The main concern with initiating cleaning is the possibility of exacerbating any damage. This also holds true for soot which can stick to shoe soles and transfer to other surfaces.

Avoid spreading unnecessary stains and creating more work by limiting movement throughout the space. To this end, it may be prudent to focus on areas further from the damage and leave more significant damage to the fire restoration contractor.

#4: Inspect and Clean Personal Items 

Smoke can affect clothing and other personal items in addition to interior surfaces. Avoid loading affected clothing in the washing machine as soot and other small particles can build up and cause clogs. Instead, check the local area for dry cleaners that can handle fire-damaged clothing.

Kitchen items may also require attention if the space is still inhabitable. Try soaking any dishes, utensils, and other kitchen gadgets in water and bleach to remove smoke damage. Do not consume any food or ingredients that were near the fire or suppression efforts, whether it remains intact or not.


After fire damage, SERVPRO helps Riverside county residents take control and restore their homes.  For more information on fire damage restoration services in the Riverside area, call SERVPRO today at (951)351-8033 for a fast and free quote.

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