Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling collapsed from rain storm

Let's be honest, how often do you really climb up onto your roof and check to make sure everything is looking one hundred percent? Probably not at all, I would ... READ MORE

Flooded Office in Riverside, CA

This office had a roof leak from a recent storm flood the entire office space. The office manager tried to dry it out themselves but realized the damage was to... READ MORE

Outside Water Flooded this Orange County home

This home in Orange, CA was flooded with outdoor water. Flood water can carry bacteria and its important treat flood water damage a specific way. Affected mater... READ MORE

Rain Storm creates water damage in Huntington, CA home

This customer experienced a water damage from the roof in a heavy rain storm in California. The first photo shows were most of the water came in, above the wind... READ MORE

Roof With Storm Damage

Once again the time of the rains have come. Although they may be short or very light, a surprise storm could always be just around the corner. Here we have a si... READ MORE

Rain Leak Strikes a Riverside Home

With great weather most of the year. California is a great place to live. But the occasional surprise storms can also leave some unwanted surprises behind. This... READ MORE